How To Motivate Yourself To Get Fit?

1. Find Your Reason Why

Everyone has a reason for wanting to get fit or to have a healthy lifestyle. What’s yours? Making sure to know why you’re doing this, and why you want this, can help with setting your mindset. This way you’ll know what you want to work towards and won’t leave you wandering aimlessly.

2. Find Your Inspiration

Find out who inspires you. Look at their picture every day for inspiration, print it out if you have to. Set it as your phone’s wallpaper. Create a little motivation board. I found that looking at a picture of someone that inspires me reminds me of what I really want, and why I started. It really helps when you need motivation, especially for clean eating.

3. Picture Yourself

Imagine yourself the fittest you could ever be, imagine yourself being healthy. Picture yourself the way you’d like to be, and then get up and do something about it. I usually always do this, no matter how healthy or good I feel about myself. Always look to better yourself in whatever possible way.

4. Make Health Important

Like I said before, always try to better yourself and your health in any possible way. There are many ways to make health a priority, and getting fit is one of them. It’s never late to start, strive to be the best version of yourself.

5. Just Do It

I think this is my number one tip. If you’re struggling to get fit because you keep procrastinating, you don’t have the motivation, or you just don’t know how, then I say just get up and start working out. Just do it even if you don’t feel like it, because once you start everything else will fall right into place.

6. Set Small Goals

Set little, achievable goals and challenges for yourself. As little as doing 10 push-ups, 10 squats, not eating bread for a day, etc.. This way once you’ve accomplished these small tasks you’ll feel great about yourself, and you’ll boost your motivation as a bonus. Give yourself a challenge all while getting stronger and more fit.

7. Track Your Progress

Take pictures of yourself before you start, and during the whole process. You might not notice a change in your body since you see yourself every day, but looking back and comparing photographs, you’ll definitely see it. You could also keep a food journal, somewhere where you can log everything you eat, even if you slip up and eat something unhealthy.

8. Plan Ahead

Schedule and plan all your workouts in advance. Fit them into your calendar and allow yourself to think of it as a commitment that you back out of. It’s sort of like a meeting with yourself; bosses don’t cancel. Planning ahead also saves you the trouble of fixing a workout on the spot, and keeps away the “Oh well, maybe next time” attitude.


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